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Wednesday, December 17, 2003
No Academy Awards For You, George

Yeah ... it did feel a little extra
around here the other day. Sure enough, here's why: Dear
Leader held a press conference
, for once.

And such questions! Can you believe the cheek of this guy?

REPORTER: “I know you said there'd be a time for
politics, but you also said you wanted to 'change the tone' of
Washington. Howard Dean recently seemed to muse aloud whether you had
advance knowledge of 9/11. Do you agree or disagree with the RNC that
this kind of rhetoric borders on political 'hate speech?'”

DUBYA: “Yeah. Uh, there's a time for politics, and
uh ... y'know ... there's a time for politics, and, uh ... I, uh ...
It's an absurd insinuation.”

Let's see now. Some reporter deftly lobs Bush a softball question
regarding his opinion of that hate-filled
, and he still manages to bobble it into incoherence? What
happened, George — did the 9/11 reference throw you off your

The above version, by the way, is as it is transcribed directly
from the video (hence all the “uhhs”). The White House
Transcript (see above) has a significantly cleaned-up version of this
exchange. Even so, the direct-to-video version still doesn't give
justice to the long pauses and shifting body language evident in
Dubya's response to the question.

for yourself
: the man is just plain dissembling.

What's remarkable is that the same people who are trying to
convince us that only sweaty conspiracy theorists believe the Bush
Administration had foreknowledge of 9/11 are desperately trying
to string out any link
between Saddam
and the same event.

This is not to dismiss the allegations of Iraqi complicity out of
hand; there actually is
more evidence
of Iraqi
and/or foreknowledge
at some level than most opponents of the Bush Administration
would care to admit. However, this does not eliminate the fact that
anyone wishing
to construct
a circumstantial
case proving
that “Bush
” has much, much more to go on than anyone in the
Saddam Did
” crowd.

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