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Monday, January 26, 2004
Florida: The Company State

Earlier, I mentioned the fact that Representative
Porter Goss (R-FL)
is an ex-CIA agent. While researching that
fact, I came across a very, very weird tidbit, buried deep in a story
about him in the Washington Post. It takes place immediately
after Goss was forced to retire from The
(for health reasons), and was setting out on an entirely
new career as
a media mogul

With two ex-spy partners, he went into the newspaper
business. They established a weekly called the Island Reporter
in 1972, and Goss became politically active. By December 1974 he was
elected the island's first mayor, winning 1,356 votes. He was paid $1
a year. (It helped that his wife came from a rich, old Pittsburgh
industrial family.)

As it turned out, that part of Florida was a magnet
for former spooks. Attending a meeting with other local mayors —
from Naples, Fort Myers and Cape Coral — Goss realized they
were all former CIA men. So were some of the reporters covering the

Of the eight people in the room, seven were
agency people!” he says, chortling.

Ha, ha. I get it — southern Florida's political
establishment was lousy with spooks!
That's a real side-splitter
there, Porter. And you say that even a good chunk of the reporters down there are
Company Men too, huh? Wow! That's rich!

And now you're their Representative! Heee!!

Hey ... waaaait a minute. Didn't something strange
go down in South Florida
a few
years ago
? You don't think ... it couldn't be ... that any of
those “retired” CIA agents got themselves all mixed up in
, do you?

course they did
. This is South
we're talking about here, after all.

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