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Thursday, January 22, 2004
Israel's Worst Enemy
Then did Solomon build an high place for
Chemosh, the abomination of Moab, in the hill that is before
Jerusalem, and for Molech, the abomination of the children of Ammon.”

Kings, 11:7

It is entirely possible to respect and admire the state of Israel
while despising the current
which governs it. In fact, since the ham-handed
of the current Sharon
is likely to lead to the state's
ultimate demise
or another),
it's arguable that a true patriot for Israel should stand in
opposition to the machinations of Sharon and his cronies at every

Strong words, true — but we should not forget that it was
Sharon's deliberately
planned expedition
to the Temple
in 2000 which is the mustard seed for the most recent spasm
of Molechian
which has engulfed the region. That he surfed
this wave
of blood and fear into the highest
the Israeli people have to offer is a particular
abomination to behold.

All the while, allegations of corruption continued to dog him and
his family. The Likud government has been able to keep the lid on
these charges for a while, but that may soon change. Just this
Wednesday, the
indictments were handed down

Mr. Sharon is on the hot seat after an indictment was
issued Wednesday against a property developer for allegedly trying to
bribe him.

The indictment presented in the Tel Aviv district
court says in part that the developer, David Appel, paid hundreds of
thousands of dollars to Sharon's son Gilad in an attempt to bribe
Sharon to advance his business deals.

portion of the indictment is reproduced here.
Although he paid the Sharons “hundreds of thousands of
dollars,” he actually promised them millions. The Deputy
Prime Minister — Ehud Olmert — is also named. It's all
pretty damning stuff, if followed through.

not all
. Waaaay down near the bottom of the page, the article
gently reminds us of yet another Sharon family entanglement still
coiling in the shadows of the Israeli legal system:

In another embarassing case, Gilad and another son
Omri are currently under police investigation in connection with
illegal funding of Ariel Sharon's 1999 Likud primary election

Sharon has denied
wrongdoing in the matter
, but has come under fire from the media
for possibly misleading Israel's state comptroller about the affair.

The Likud government remains more-or-less popular with the
Israeli people throughout all of this. Sharon's own popularity,
however, is waning. Over half of all Israelis now have a negative
opinion of him
, a precipitous drop from the high sixties positive
number he enjoyed as recently as last August. Polls also suggest that
the Israeli people expect
Sharon to resign
if the allegations against him are proven.

Of course, that'll just put Netanyahu
in charge. He's an obstructionist jerk, too — but at least he's
not an insanely

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