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Monday, July 26, 2004
The Bohemian Confab Is On

Ever since I'd written my post on that annual
Bacchanal of weird elitism
known as Bohemian Grove, I'd intended
to keep tabs on it as soon as it revved up again for the summer. Being
that this is an election year, and The Grove is where a lot of
are often hatched, I wondered who of our president's
men would try to sneak in the trip.

Last year, you may recall, Karl
was there ... hangin' tough with (then)
Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Silly me, this year's festivities have already
started up
... the thing's been going on now for over a week, and
I hadn't bothered to check up on it one bit.

I always knew that it starts up around
late July
; but late July, to be honest, is perhaps the most
difficult time of year for me to keep a focus on. Chalk it up to the
fact that it's the exact same time as my birthday, and I really have
never liked to think about birthdays very much.

Past is Past: The Gipper and Tricky Dick engaging in
boozy machination at the Grove, circa 1967.

According to the government website it was pulled from, the above
picture is entitled
“Breakfast at Owl's Nest Camp.” “Owl's Nest” is the name of one of the many sub-camps that make up The Grove, and the one to which Ronald Reagan is reported to have been a member.

Speaking about The Grove, a related page on the website includes this pithy little comment:

In accordance with popular American
mythology, Dr.
[Glenn] Seaborg [the man sitting at Nixon's left in the photograph] likes to describe the exclusively elite
campground and club, The Bohemian Grove, as a place, “where all
the important people in the United States decide the agenda for our
country the following year.
” In this photgraph
they are doing it early in the morning over a Gin Fizz breakfast.

Yes, and as I recall from my previous research, the topic for the
morning was something to the effect of: “please,
please, please don't run for president this year, Ronny.

According to that same San Francisco Chronicle source, by the by,
Bohemian Grove was also where Dubya unofficially asked Dick Cheney to
be his running mate, back in 2000.

Dubya, you may recall, just recently took
off for vacation
. According to all sources, he
will be spending it
at his fabled ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Of course, even if he were going to The Grove this year, no one
would write about it now. As far as I can tell, that's never done —
at least until after the fact is safely established as history.

It is telling, however, that out of the only two weeks he'll be
spending on official vacation this summer, half
of it is scheduled to coincide
with this year's Grove gathering.

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