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Sunday, January 18, 2009
I Let You Down, Sole Survivor
I have done one of my occasional disappearing acts from the Lost City, this time for several months. As usual, I rationalized it to myself by remembering that almost no one stops by anyway; and also that there are plenty of places to get incisive bloggy commentary.

But late last night I had an uneasy thought: what if there is some poor guy stranded on a desert island (or locked in a dungeon, or something) whose only source of information is The Lost City? I mean, obviously he'd have an internet connection of some sort. But maybe his keyboard and mouse are broken, and he can't change the channel?

Imagine his agony, his frustration, wondering how the U.S. Election came out! After all, my last post was at the end of October, just when things were getting interesting.

Okay, buddy. Here's a window into what happened:

--In an mammoth upset, John McCain won handily; he will be inaugurated on Tuesday with some of the highest poll numbers for an incoming president in history;

--CBS anchor Katie Couric has apologized to Vice-President-elect Sarah Palin for her biased and unfair questions during the campaign;

--The Minnesota Vikings are headed to the Superbowl -- just as I predicted!

--After a contentious recount, Norm Coleman emerges as the victor in the Minnesota Senate race;

--Detroit says "Thanks but no thanks" to government money following some of the worst auto sales numbers in American history.

Details to follow.

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