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Sunday, February 15, 2009
Roland The Headless U.S. Senator

What would be dumber than talking to a crooked governor's staff about a financial payoff in exchange for a U.S. Senate seat -- especially when the governor was already under investigation?

Lying about it under oath, for one thing. I'll say this for Rod Blagojevech: he's got a talent for finding allies even more corrupt and stupid than he is. Considering that stupidity must really have been his criteria for selecting the new junior senator from Illinois, he couldn't have done much better than the vain and dim-witted Roland Burris.

In a sworn affidavit he sent this month to the leader of the state legislative committee that investigated whether to impeach Mr. Blagojevich, Mr. Burris said that the former governor’s brother, Robert, had called him three times in October and November, seeking assistance in raising campaign money for the governor, who was then in his second term.

The senator, who had been a past donor to Mr. Blagojevich, a fellow Democrat, said he gave no money and had, in the final conversation, advised the governor’s brother that he could not contribute “because it could be viewed as an attempt to curry favor” with the governor as he made a decision on whom to send to the United States Senate.

Mr. Burris did not mention those conversations last month when he was testifying under oath before the legislative committee considering impeachment for Mr. Blagojevich, who was charged on Dec. 9, in part, with trying to sell President Obama’s former Senate seat for campaign contributions, a high-paying job or a federal cabinet post. Nor did Mr. Burris tell the committee about conversations he had with the governor’s chief of staff (who now faces federal charges along with the former governor) and with one of the governor’s top advisers about the status of the Senate seat.

Oh, sorry, I forgot to add that one little detail when I testified to the legislative committee.

Maybe Burris and Blagojevic will be able to sign up to work shifts together at the prison laundry, so you can't yet say this friendship has come to no good. Time will tell.

Thursday, February 12, 2009
Neutrality Is Not An Option

Tom Zarek-apologist Robert Farley believes that any human-Cylon alliance is unworkable:

If we recognize that the rebel Cylon have civil rights, then they surely have civic responsibilities; as such, each and every one of them should fall under the authority of a war crimes tribunal, under accusation of genocide. Somehow, I suspect that these Cylon are not prepared for that degree of integration with Colonial society. If they cannot bear the responsibilities, then they do not deserve the rights.

The Cylon desire the protection of Colonial society. I, however, do not wish for the Cylon to be part of our political community. I do not wish to see them on our ships, or participate with them in our voting, or hear them in our Quorum.

What Quorum would that be? The one Tom Zarek had machine-gunned when they didn't follow his orders, or the one President Roslin was forced to reconstitute after the fact?

They are murderers, rapists, torturers, and enslavers, and they have no right to be part of our social and political life. The best that I can offer the Cylon is neutrality; we return to the state of disengagement that existed prior to the breaking of the peace. The Cylon can go there way in peace, and we can go ours.

This is a pleasant fantasy, but a fantasy all the same. What Farley doesn't see here is that the entire human population is now just over 39,000 -- teetering on the brink of extinction. We don't get to pick our friends anymore. The colonies are gone and Earth was a dead end.

Anything that increases our odds of survival should be embraced, and the truth is we need the breakaway Cylon faction and the advanced FTL technology they're offering. We don't have the luxury of neutrality -- not anymore.

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