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Monday, May 03, 2010
Death By Deconstruction

Like Evel Knievel attempting to jump sixteen buses because last week he successfully jumped 15, manic film blogger Arbogast guns the throttle, releases the clutch, thunders up the ramp, arcs across the sky, and explodes in a shower of charred logic and twisted verbal wreckage:
In his misguided altruism, in his presumption that God cannot or will not provide sufficient sustenance for his flock, Deemer has spawned the monstrous personification of appetite, of wanton, non-phallic and therefore female sexuality existing outside of the context of propagation, an eroto-antonymous hellspawn whose greedy, filament filled maw is itself a grotesque parody of female sexuality even as it soils the heartland with seminal pools of venom. Is this the true legacy of Science Gone Wrong, that it has fused seed and womb into a single predatory behemoth whose very existence is a mockery of man's dominion over the lower forms?

I had to check the top of his post again to make sure. You still talking about the 1955 giant bug movie Tarantula, Arbogast? You are? Okay.

No Jack Arnold picture could withstand deconstruction that brutal. It's no use, Johnny, I try to stay with ya but I can't.

Arbogast would probably get the reference. When you see him, tell him I got the Martin Landau one.

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